Highway Corner

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NOV 2017 – Ivy Portias, Ben DePasopil, Shelly McBay — 18 Bags

DEC 2017 – We took the month of Dec off for holiday events.

JAN 2018 – Ben DePasopil, Ivy Portias, Kelly McKee, Shelly McBay, Henry Castaneda — 13 Bags

FEB 2018 – Joe Sheehan, Dan Bryson, Becky Jaramillo, Ivy Portias, Shelly McBay, Kelly McKee – -12 Bags

The Oct event was finally called off, due to other requirements. Nov was quite a workout for all of us. However, Ivy got a $10 bill and Shelly found a dollar. Slim pickin’s, but still something for volunteering.

I want to thank Ben for taking over as Team Captain in Jan and Feb, as I recovered from a hip replacement.

He reported January was a light workout. Henry found a wallet with driver’s license and credit cards but no cash. He turned it over to law enforcement. Our team seems to find a lot of personal ID and CC’s; just wonder if other teams have as much. Welcome to two new team members Joe and Dan. We hope you can return with us when possible.


Please show up before 8 AM on 17 Mar and 21 Apr for the Safety Brief and assignments.